One question that’s very common is what time of the year is best to visit Dubai, and what is the weather like? Here we’ll go into what the seasons are like here and when we recommend to visit. Firstly, the UAE falls within the northern hemisphere so it follows the same seasons as Europe and North America. Whilst it may follow the same seasons and you might think that summer is the best time to visit, you’ll find out below about why you may not want to visit in Summer! Unlike Europe and the US, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have a very warm climate!


So what is Dubai and the UAE like in the summer?

Dubai is best to be avoided during the summer time. In fact most residents leave and head to Europe during this time as temperatures can soar to almost 50 degrees Celsius. Especially during July and August. They commonly range from the high 30s to high 40s in Celsius. June however is normally still comfortable for the heat. It’s also very humid in July & August so this further adds to the uncomfortableness of the heat.

If you are thinking of coming here in the summer, the advantages is that everywhere inside has air conditioning and there’s plenty of activities to be done inside. Also because during the summer months it isn’t as popular, hotels are a lot cheaper to stay in during these months, and lots of places do special discounts for the summer. So whilst you won’t be able to enjoy the majority of outside activities during this time of year, there is an opportunity to do everything else at a much more affordable rate.


So what months are best to visit Dubai?

The rest of the year excluding summer are warm all year round but not uncomfortably hot. Dubai in particular is a favourite destination for European residents to escape the cold winter months. Typically in winter months, it’s rare that temperatures drop lower than 21 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfect for all outside activities, however these months are the most popular so hotels and activities are usually more expensive during these times.

Spring and Autumn (Fall) are also very popular for people to visit as despite temperatures being warmer it’s still very comfortable and enjoyable – typically staying in the 30s. The only months which tend to be hotter are those as we get closer to Summer with May through to September. However, in recent years October has sometimes been warmer than expected. Most activities are able to be done in these months despite being in the higher 30s. It is a perfect time to visit Dubai for a vacation.


Does the temperature drop at the night time?

This is one of the most common questions asked. As common in European countries despite the days being warm, it tends to drop very quickly during the night time, even in the summer. One of the best things about Dubai is that this doesn’t happen to such an extent. The night time is particularly enjoyable and you can comfortably walk round with just the lightest of jacket’s on. In the warmer months closer to the summer, the night time can be perfect for doing activities that are too hot for the day. You can swim in the sea and in Umm Suqeim, there’s a specific spot with lights and life guard set up for night time swimming.

Sadly however in the summer months, due to this you won’t get any shelter from the sweltering and humid heat. It’s hot both night and day. So you’ll be thanking everywhere that there’s air conditioning.


What is the actual weather like in Dubai?

Dubai is mostly sunny all year round, with very little rain. This makes it a perfect all year round holiday destination as there aren’t any particular seasons you need to avoid. There isn’t a rainy season, typhoon or monsoon season here, unlike tropical locations. The summer months are hot and humid but generally the weather is very predictable in Dubai which is why it’s so popular as a tourist destination.


So there you have it, our guide to Dubai’s weather and which months are best to visit based on this. As you can tell, Dubai’s weather is hot to very hot all year round. We are in a desert after all! So we hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the weather and we hope it helps for planning to visit to the beautiful United Arab Emirates.

These insights are from our feature blogger Danni B.