Furniture solutions

We understand that dressing an apartment or haus properly, turns it into a home. Bespoke to more readily available, individual pieces to full inventory’s, budget to high-end – we’ve got it covered. Our specialists will advise you on making your property more marketable, more profitable and help it stand out from the crowd. No quote is too big or small – give us a call today and we will be happy to help.

Furnishing to impress can make the difference in the short term and holiday lets business between charging higher nightly fees, repeat, and referral business – or not! Also have in mind that most of the holiday portals have rating guides now so your guests can make or break you – it is better to get it right from day one and this will ultimately save (and make) you money in the long term. The dream is a fine balance between cost, comfort, style, practicality and having furnishings that are resilient to the demands of use.

The design of a home will never be complete without interior furniture. Soft furnishings make spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the right choice of furniture, you can recreate and redecorate a space, giving it a completely new and fresh look. However, finding the right combination of items is often a challenging task in itself. From sourcing the perfect piece to organizing the shipping and delivery of the items, putting together a room (or larger space) is often not a straightforward task.

If all the above sounds like a myriad of stress and confusion, don’t worry haus & haus Holiday Rental are here to help. We know what works, what doesn’t – and always have your best interests at heart. Our team have years of experience and hand select partners who can literally turn your ‘four white walls’, into an interior stylists dream!

haus & haus Holiday Rental inspired interiors offer turn-key and bespoke design solutions for residential properties, from stylish penthouses to elegant family villas. Specializing in contemporary, timeless design, our furniture packages are lovingly created using superbly crafted and selected products with unswerving attention to detail.

We take into account the spatial area so that we not only maximize space, we can also create it too! Furniture styles are kept modern and contemporary to maximize investment – comfort is obligatory and bulky designs are kept to a minimum. We piece items together from different sources so that it does not feel like the archetypal ‘furniture package’. Your items should be useable, but we also try and make sure that the furniture selected feels like it has evolved over time. Occasionally we have been known to throw in the odd eclectic item! Just because…

Whatever your vison, input or expenditure,
haus & haus Holiday Rental are ready to
bring your dreams to reality.