Dubai is a city that boasts amazing architecture and beautiful views. It’s an extremely popular tourist destination, which means that there are hundreds of activities year-round. Below, you’ll find some of the best activities to do in Dubai over your time away.


Explore Palm Jumeirah

One of the largest man-made islands in the world, Palm Jumeirah is an island shaped like a palm tree. The island hosts many high-end hotels and resorts, and there’s even a monorail that runs down the center of the island to Dubai’s main tram system. This island will be nothing like anything you’ve seen before; the views from any point on the island are simply amazing, and there’s tons of great activities to do here – including nightclubs and infinity pools. There most popular beach on the island is Atlantis Water Park; it’s certainly worth a visit in warmer weather.


Al Fahidi’s History

Dubai’s history and heritage can be easily accessed from the historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and it offers views of an era gone by. You’ll be able to see traditional wind towers, take park in Arabic classes, or walk along the maze of alleyways across the area. If you’re looking for a quiet place with its own piece of culture, try the Arabian Tea House with their secret garden-like atmosphere.


Experience Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera, which can be found within the Opera District in the heart of Dubai, is truly an architectural masterpiece. The Opera is right next to the famous Dubai Fountain, and was inspired by the shape of the Arabian Dhow ships. The rear of the Opera arches like a ship’s hull, and is used as a foyer, with a car park and taxi rank to accompany it. Currently, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is being performed, and later this year attendees can see the wonderous Phantom Of The Opera in this unique Opera house.


A Thrilling Indoor Theme Park

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the size of 28 full-sized football pitches. The park has the most recent and exciting rides within its borders, and you can see some of your favorite characters being brought to life here. There are even themed rides for younger park visitors, such as rides centered around the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10. There are even rides for the Avengers! In the Lost Valley, you can discover the life of dinosaurs, or you can simply enjoy you day and stop for a great meal at one of the park’s restaurants.


Escape to Hatta

Finally, we’d like to tell you about Hatta. In this historical mountain village, you can attempt kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, or just go along to Hatta Drop-In; Asia’s first ever water jump park. Visit the stunning Hatta Lake, walk through a hiking experience, and spend some time to reevaluate all of the good things in life. Hatta isn’t a location that you should miss if you’re in Dubai, and it’s just 130km away from Downtown Dubai, too. Take serenity to a whole new level with this wonderous place at your fingertips.